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PD-Hospitality is an independent hospitality consulting and transition management organization, specializing in helping hotels, resorts, airlines, cruise lines and other travel related industries go through rebranding and repositioning and increase their revenues and market share.

We are a progressive and dynamic young firm with extensive local and international knowledge of the travel industry, throughout Europe and The Americas. Our forward-looking, pragmatic approach aligns the benefits of transition management, hotel rebranding and repositioning and resort rebranding and repositioning, with the needs of the hospitality industry. By enhancing organizational structures and business strategies, we help ensure businesses are flexible and cost-efficient.


Hotel rebranding and repositioning

PD-Hospitality offers an innovative service. As well as hotel rebranding, we can provide hotel repositioning.

Entire process, from analysis and strategy proposals to implementation is covered through two approaches:

  • Hotel rebranding
  • Hotel repositioning

Resort rebranding and repositioning

Same set of services is available for resorts. Those include resort rebranding and resort repositioning.

Again, entire process, from analysis and strategy proposals to implementation is covered through two approaches:

  • Resort rebranding
  • Resort repositioning


Hotel Transition Management

In ever-changing global hospitality market, change is only constant. We offer hotel transition management services to those who need to stay on the top of the wave.


Who do we work for?

We assist all travel, tourism and hospitality sectors, including start-ups, new development and distressed businesses:

  • Owners, Operators, Investor, Developers or those who want to become one
  • Hotels - independed hotels and small and large brands or chains
  • Resorts
  • Airlines - headquarter or local offices
  • Cruise lines - headquarter or local offices
  • Related hospitality businesses


Why hire PD-Hospitality?

We help you deal with the challenges facing today’s hospitality industry, with a range of proven services, of which we emphasize rebranding, repositioning and transition management.

We are:


  • We provide an honest, objective analysis of your situation, your perception in the marketplace and how your sales and revenue could be improved.
  • A source of original thinking – we’re not constrained by your existing corporate ethos, organizational silos or office politics.
  • Non-threatening – our objective is not to replace your existing team, but to help them achieve more.


  • For assignments only – we have none of the costs associated with permanent staff (holidays, welfare, pensions). We work for you and are paid just when you need us.


  • We have increased sales and productivity, and grown market share for every business we have been involved with.


  • PD-Hospitality upholds strong business ethics and professional integrity.


About Petra Deuter

Petra Deuter leads PD-Hospitality supported by a network of independent professionals.

Petra Deuter is a Hospitality Consultant and Executive Project and Interim Manager, with broad international strategic, operational, transition and advisory expertise.

She is a German/American tri-lingual independent expert in Hotel/Resort/Airline Management, Sales & Marketing and Operational Brand Positioning and Implementation. Petra has a strong track record in global business creation and development, building organizations and growing revenues through multiple channels in the service industry. She is experienced in leading hotels/resorts, large and small hotel brands, as well as airlines.

At Lufthansa, Petra was Managing Director in South America and responsible for 13 offices in 4 countries. At Accor, Petra was Vice President Global Sales, Distribution and Marketing and responsible for the global brand and sales strategy implementations and adaptations at 330 hotels and Accor’s 8 brands in the German market.

She was also Chief Sales & Marketing officer at Mamaison Hotels & Residences in Central and Eastern Europe and responsible for 11 boutique hotels and its brand creation and implementation.

Petra has furthermore worked on numerous successful international hotel pre-opening and brand positioning and implementation missions, as well as short-term project and change management missions since becoming independent in 2010.

  • BA graduate DePaul University Chicago, USA - International Business
  • Creator and owner of PD Hospitality Consulting and Interim Management
  • Writer and contributor to various international articles and newsletters

Contact us

For more details or an initial discussion, please feel free to contact:


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